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Diane Ventimiglia

So sorry to hear about your Grandma Ida... This is a generation that is soooooooo missed and will not be replaced. They did not have .the selection of foods we have today but they did know how to eat healthy. My favorite meals today are what we call "peasant food"... escarole and beans, pasta fagioli etc. We do have to keep the traditions going!! I have one question on the Rosemary and Garlic Chicken recipe.... Is the red wine, cooking wine, or table wine?
Thank you.. Diane


Thanks so much for your kind words. She was an amazing woman and i feel so lucky to have had so many years with her. Diane, you can use any wine, but my favorite is red wine.

Debbi Basini-Herman

Hi Karen, so very sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing. Such a blessing to be inspired and loved by such a beautiful person your entire life. Your cookbook will be a wonderful memory to Ida.

Thank you for sharing.
Debbi Basini-Herman


What a wonderful tribute to such a special person in your life. So thankful you are sharing her and her recipes with us


Thanks you, Debbi and Tina. I appreciate your thoughts and good wishes.

Candice Swanson Huling

Hi Karen!

I am so sorry to learn about your grandma. You will miss her, but you will have wonderful memories. I am like you... I was also influenced by both of my grandma's cooking. I, too,make some of their most memorable dishes for my family. God bless...peace.



Thanks so much, Candice!

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